Define and finance your international growth plans

Grow your business in ASEAN

Developing sales outside of your domestic market is a step that all start-up and SMEs should consider in order to diversify their risks and ensure the sustainability of their business.


However, expanding to  international markets involve risks and investments that should be well assessed and planned. 


In SEKIM International we will help you understand the key opportunities and challenges that ASEAN represents before embarking on this journey. Once you decide to grow in the region, we will be there along the way to help define and execute your sales and marketing plans so you can move forward with confidence and determination.

We assess opportunities and challenges that the different markets in the ASEAN region represent to define an effective entry strategy and a growth plan. How do we achieve this?

– Carrying out market assessment and sizing

– Identifying and engaging with potential customers, partners and suppliers

– Understanding the real strengths and weaknesses of competitors 

– Defining regional growth plans

– Finding financing options if you´re opening a subsidiary in Singapore

We train your sales and marketing teams for effective execution of the business growth plans defined for the region.  Our training programs include:
  • New Business Development
  • Lead / Demand Generation (integrating digital and non-digital assets)
  • Account Management

We also participate as mentors at local incubators and accelerators to help increase the success rate of start-ups in Singapore. 


Kid´s Club Spanish School – Asia growth strategy

USA Group – ASEAN opportunity assesssment and market prioritization
Relevo – South Korea opportunity assessment and search for partners & investors
Besco Supplies – Indonesia digital market assessment and execution plan